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E-Vanlife for rent: An old VW T3 Bulli becomes electric thanks to crowdfunding

The Graz start-up Schau aufs Land, which connects campers with organic farms throughout Austria, is in the starting blocks for a new sustainable project: the charming old VW T3 Bulli named Luise will become the E-Luise by converting it to an electric drive – Own small solar power plant included. The project is co-financed by a crowdfunding campaign on the Startnext platform. Exciting: The finished E-Luise is then rented out for camping trips to Schau aufs Land places.

From old to new! – resource-saving and environmentally friendly

“In addition to our responsible orientation in terms of parking spaces, we now want to tackle the issue of mobility in an environmentally friendly way,” says founder Leonard Röser. Because the fact is: Every trip with a camper inevitably causes CO2 emissions and is therefore also a driver of climate change. Electromobility therefore clearly offers a first environmentally friendly alternative. However, the production of new vehicles also generates a lot of emissions and also consumes valuable raw materials. “We therefore use existing resources and combine them with electromobility,” reports Röser and sums up: “Our mission is to use the E-Luise project to present a thoroughly environmentally friendly alternative – one that does not require either production or travel climate-damaging CO2 footprint.”

For this purpose, a restored VW T3 with a pop-up roof and four sleeping places will be electrified – the aim is a range of around 300 kilometers. The use of renewable energies is also planned thanks to our own solar power plant. The Bulli can charge itself in sunshine with a range of up to 50 kilometers.

Support crowdfunding campaign and rent e-campers

The project costs around 70,000 euros – a large part of which is to be covered by a six-week crowdfunding campaign. Interested parties can now support the project with a donation on the Startnext platform and thus secure a place for a road trip with the E-Luise. Because: As a thank you, supporters can be one of the first to rent the e-camper for their holiday in Austria. In addition, there are other goodies such as Schau aufs Land memberships, T-shirts and key rings as well as an E-Luise sponsorship. Overnight stays with the E-Luise are of course on the Schau aufs Land pitches: the camping app offers outdoor holidaymakers in tents, vans or mobile homes almost 900 pitches at organic farms and other sustainable businesses throughout Austria https://www.

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