Electric travel aware and without surprises thanks to the RoutePlanner and the eMX navigator by evway

Traveling with an electric car is an act of awareness and gratitude for the planet that welcomes us, whether you are going to work, or when you are exploring the beauty of the area. Clean and silent movements are a 360-degree experience that embraces innovation, ecology and tech: the evway application is the most faithful ally of the EV-driver as it accompanies him in all its phases, from the planning to the actual trip thanks to the utilities included for free in the service.


Stress-free travel planning with the RoutePlanner

Among the many laughable clichés about electric travel there is that of a cumbersome, complicated and stressful travel planning. The reality is very different, because unlike piston cars, those with a clean engine are on average equipped with a whole series of technological solutions that simplify life. And for an even easier planning, the latest update of the evway application for Android and iOS takes care of it, which has brought on board a very useful function such as the RoutePlanner.
RoutePlanner is the free trip planner, whose mission is to ensure a simple and comfortable experience. How to use it? In the most linear way possible, to meet all EV-drivers, even the ones less accustomed to information technology:

● open the application and choose a destination;

● tap on “Route”;

● enter the starting point and destination from the window that has opened;

● click on “Navigation” to set off on the road.

The RoutePlanner will show the route with the charging stations that you will meet along the way. Furthermore, you will immediately have a reliable estimate on the duration and length of the route, to better organize yourself.


All stations at your touch with the eMX navigator

One of the historical strengths of evway’s offer is eMX, a high-performance and intuitive free navigator designed specifically for those traveling with an electric car. It can be started after planning the route with the RoutePlanner or with a practical tap on the icon in the center of the upper portion of the map. Through the free navigation mode, eMX follows the driver in a constant and updated way throughout the journey and gradually shows all the charging stations encountered along the route with ready-to-use information, without being distracted on type, distance and any costs of the columns. Thanks to the keys with “+” and “-” you can easily adjust the zoom to have an overall or a more detailed view, especially in areas with complex roads. When you want to recharge, just tap on one of the markers shown in a list on the left of the map. An information curtain will open on the bottom with the available sockets and the station address. You can expand the window to access the complete page which can also reveal the service provider, costs and other additional data.


Landscape view and station availability notifications

evway also provides two very useful functions as a corollary. The first concerns the possibility of being notified in real time when a station is occupied or vacated; from the charging station selection page, just tap the bell icon and you can activate the notification.
Last but not least, the recent update opens up the possibility of using the evway app also in landscape mode, that is panoramic, more comfortable when you are driving. To activate it, just rotate the smartphone horizontally and widen the view.
In short, from planning to travel, with evway you can enjoy a complete, conscious and carefree experience.


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