Electrical safety equipment to carry out work on electric vehicles

With the significant increase in the number of electric and hybrid vehicles most particularly in Europe, electric safety regulations impose specific provisions. These provisions are defined by the national and/or international recommendations.Bild Elektrische Sicherheit1 klein

Within this framework, CATU SA (www.catuelec.com), a European specialist in electric risk prevention, has designed kits which are perfectly adapted for working safely on these types of vehicles: obstacle safety kit, signage kit, servicing and breakdown kit and lock-out kit. These kits are based on components which can be sourced individually within the following product families: PPE / insulating gloves, lock-out / tag-out devices, voltage detectors, insulated tools (live-work), earthing equipment.

The versatile range of products covers the protection requirement of every qualification level in R&D, production and manufacturing, service and maintenance work-shops and professional training centers. It is in particular applicable for live-working operations.


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