Durot Electric programmiert Steuerungen von E-Fahrzeugen und elektrischen Maschinen

Electric vehicle development: New vehicle controller with integrated safety level facilitates software development

With the Safety Layer Vehicle Control Unit (VCU), Swiss contract developer and solution provider Durot Electric has created an important basis for the safe development of electric vehicles and mobile machines. The VCU with integrated safety layer is aimed at vehicle manufacturers who want to focus on the development of vehicle variants and individualizations – in other words, on what makes their product unique.

When developing e-vehicles and electric work machines such as excavators or municipal vehicles, entrepreneurs and the development cadre are faced with the decision of developing this safety architecture for functional safety from scratch themselves, or procuring it. With the Safety Layer VCU, they can acquire a control system with important safety functions as a basis. In the company, they can develop themselves those functions that make up the added value of their product for the user. The decoupling of the safety and application levels thereby reduces the effort as well as the time to market.

The vehicle control system ensures compliance with standards and the most important safety aspects. The package consists of the latest hardware from TTControl and its basic software and runtime environment. The package is complemented by Durot Electric’s safety layer. The solution is particularly interesting for SMEs in electromobility.

The VCU forms the core of the vehicle. All basic safety functions are implemented and validated in the safety application under the responsibility of Durot Electric. This eliminates significant expenses for initial certification as well as recertification for iterations and variants by the vehicle manufacturer.

The vehicle manufacturer’s application level is developed independently and transferred to the ECU. Once the safety application has been certified as the basis, these applications can then be further developed on-top independently. This saves resources at every stage of development. In addition, the transition to model-based software development using Matlab Simulink is possible.

The Safety Layer VCU thus enables manufacturers to carry out future-proof and independent development work as well as differentiation for customer benefit, while part of the responsibility is transferred to Durot Electric. On request, Duro Electric also provides support for the development of the applications.

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