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eMove360° Award 2022: Winner of the category Mobility Concepts & Services M-charge solution of Stadtwerke München GmbH

Stadtwerke München and its transport subsidiary MVG are the local energy and mobility experts. As designers of a holistic energy and transport turnaround, they are also pioneers of electromobility. Together with the City of Munich, SWM is working to further advance and intelligently network electromobility locally. The M charge solution is SWM’s answer to the many challenges that need to be solved, especially in condominium associations in urban areas. The expert jury of the eMove360° Award, one of the world’s most important awards for New Mobility, agreed: the concept is the winner in the Mobility Concepts & Services category. This was announced at the eMove360° Europe 2022, 6th International Trade Fair for Mobility 4.0 electric-connected-autonomous (05 to 07 October) on the evening of 05 October in Conference Room 1 of Hall Hub 27 at Messe Berlin at a festive awards ceremony.

As a future-proof complete package, it is individually tailored to the needs of the customers and the conditions on site. From advice and individual planning to the complete charging infrastructure and a wide range of services: SWM takes care of everything. In addition to the wallbox and installation, the services also include maintenance and thus free supply of spare parts, maintenance and inspection, 24/7 fault clearance, simple user management via RFID card and the SWM more app for viewing the charging processes and CO2 savings. Since car parking systems (e.g. duplex parking) are often used in underground garages, SWM is cooperating with the market-leading companies to provide a suitable solution here as well.

SWM assumes that electromobility will continue to grow strongly in the next few years and that in the long term up to 85 percent of the charging demand will be covered at home and/or at work. On the one hand, it makes the most economic sense to charge the vehicles where they are parked the longest. On the other hand, charging at home is also the most convenient way of charging for e-mobilists – empty “tanks” and detours to the nearest “filling station” can be avoided in this way. The number of wallboxes in underground garages is increasing and the house connection is becoming more and more strained. In order to avoid a cost-intensive higher fuse and still make charging possible for everyone, SWM relies on dynamic load management. This was specially developed by SWM as a cross-manufacturer solution for charging stations. It runs via the secure connection of the Smart Meter Gateway (SMGW) infrastructure. This means that the charging data is forwarded to SWM using the highest encryption technology. The charging power is then intelligently regulated. The available energy is measured directly at the house connection and the other consumers in the building are taken into account. This means that no one has to worry about the lights going out in their home or business. Another positive effect: customers who decide to use electric mobility later on do not have to apply for and pay for expensive upgrades to the house connection.

In general, SWM is taking a more economic approach to the M charge solution. The cost structure remains the same for everyone, regardless of whether they are pioneers of electromobility or latecomers. SWM invests in the front end and pays for the entire basic infrastructure: individual concept development and planning, electrician services including construction, installation, commissioning and hardware costs for the control cabinet, metering transformer, summation meter, NH distributor, load management and wallbox. These usually 6-digit sums do not have to be paid by the owners. Only the actual users of the M-charge solution pay a one-off amount for the provision of their charging point, a monthly flat-rate usage fee and the individually consumed electricity. The provision fee and flat-rate usage fee are the same for all users. This makes it easy to agree on the installation of the charging infrastructure and convinces the various stakeholders.

This is also reflected in our figures: to date, around 1,100 private and commercial charging points have been installed in Munich and the surrounding area (as of March 2022). In 2021, approx. 1,075 MWh of green electricity was charged. Compared to the equivalent petrol consumption of conventional combustion vehicles, this avoids around 850 tonnes of CO2 emissions. The M charging solution also has a CO2-neutral wallbox in its portfolio with the Keba KeContact P30 Green Edition. With SWM’s M charging solution, it is also possible to charge ecologically in an urban environment.  www.swm.de

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