eMove360° Magazine 02/2024: Effective advertising space for your new product

Secure the attention of more than 60,000 readers for your company and present your new product in the June issue of eMove360° magazine for electromobility & autonomous driving. In addition to detailed technical reports and the latest news, the lifestyle magazine covers the entire spectrum of topics relating to electromobility and connected and autonomous driving. In the “People” section, we talk to celebrities about their enthusiasm for electromobility, product developers talk about innovations and company bosses talk about their visions for the mobility of tomorrow. The eMove360° travel tip with exciting road trips and extraordinary lifestyle hotels for a vacation with an electric car is also an integral part of the magazine.

Further information and prices can be found in the current media data. Please contact Sabine Metzger (sabine.metzger@emove360.com) to discuss the optimal presentation together. If you need help with the graphic design of your advertisement, we also have a solution. Advertising deadline is May 25, 2024.

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