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eMove360° travel tip for May: battery charging in Trentino

Short breaks have a high recreational effect; they help to slow down and give vacationers new energy, strength and joie de vivre. Many stress researchers share this opinion. In the merry month of May, there are several bridge days (May 1, Ascension Day on the 9th, Corpus Christi on the 30th and Whit Monday on the 20th), which are perfect for a long weekend. How about a break in Trentino? Here are the 5 best tips for the northern Italian region, including a hotel tip with a charging station.

City tour: frescoes and experiments in Trento

According to various studies, Trento is not only the greenest city in Italy. The capital of Trentino is also ahead in terms of quality of life and is in third place in the overall Italian ranking. Visitors can experience its beauty on a stroll through the romantic old town, where they can discover traces of the past in the frescoes of the palazzi or admire the Palazzo Pretorio, the Cathedral of San Vigilio and the impressive Fountain of Neptune in Piazza del Duomo. There is also plenty to explore at the Muse, one of the most important museums in Europe. The modern building impresses with its concept, in which touching and experimenting are expressly permitted. On six floors, visitors have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the world and the Alpine region.

Bike tour: cycling through the vineyards of the Rotaliana Plain

Goethe raved about the Rotaliana plain, north of Trento, in his “Italian Journey”. He described the area, where wines with a strong personality have been produced for centuries, as “the most beautiful vineyard in Europe”. The Giro del Vino 50, which consists of two circuits and leads to all six hamlets in the area, runs through this “vineyard”. While the northern route is flat, the southern route has climbs and greater differences in altitude. However, it rewards you with fantastic views of the vineyards. There are more than 50 winegrowers along the 50-kilometre route, who offer tastings and guided tours of their wineries.

Art tour: visit the ARTE SELLA open-air gallery

The Arte Sella, an open-air museum in Val di Sella, attracts visitors to the valley with around 30 extraordinary works of art. What makes them so special is their interplay with nature and the seasons. Each time, whether summer or winter, they offer visitors a different experience. The most famous exhibit is the “Cattedrale Vegetale” by Giuliano Mauri, a cathedral planted with hornbeams. Artfully arranged trunks are reminiscent of giraffes; beehives seem to hang in the trees. The main exhibition sites of Malga Costa and Villa Strobele near Valsugana are connected by a four-kilometre hiking trail, the Sentiero Montura.

Hiking tour: biodiversity in Valle di Ledro

Between spring and the beginning of summer, more than 1,000 wildflower species bathe the meadows of Valle di Ledro in a rich play of colors. The diversity of species was a decisive factor in the valley’s inclusion in the UNESCO Alpi Ledrensi and Judicaria biosphere. While Mediterranean flora predominates in the areas around Lago di Garda, it is mainly edelweiss that bloom in the gardens around Val di Concei, which are over 2,000 meters high. The pastures in the village of Dromaè are particularly easy to reach. With a bit of luck, you may also discover wild orchids here.

Wellness tour: recharge your batteries at the Comano thermal baths

The surroundings of the Comano thermal baths alone promise relaxation, as they are located in a centuries-old park. In the spa itself, guests can both drink and inhale the thermal water and immerse themselves in it to recharge their batteries. It has great healing powers and is naturally effective against psoriasis, dermatitis and allergies – and not just for adults, but also for children. It is also certified as a children’s health resort and has its own thermal center for children.

Hotel tips with charging station:

Hotel Be Place

Torrione Trento

Grand Terme Spa

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