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eTaxi Austria: Project team tests real scenarios at new project location

Charge eTaxis directly at the stand: The first eTaxi project location went into operation on the Wien Energie site at the Simmering power plant. On site, Hyundai & VW e-cars are automatically charged with Matrix Charging® and typical application scenarios from everyday eTaxi use are tested. According to the Austrian energy and climate timetable, only zero-emission taxis should be permitted from 2025. To promote climate protection and emission-free mobility, a number of things have already been implemented in Austria in recent years. As pioneers, Vienna and Graz have recognized that the successful operation of electric taxis also requires a charging infrastructure directly at the taxi stand. This means that every minute at the stand between trips can be used for charging. Fear of insufficient range and time-consuming journeys to distant fast-charging stations are a thing of the past.

The eTaxi Austria project is a lighthouse project that will actively support the electrification of taxi fleets through automated charging options at the taxi stand and attractive taxi packages. Before the pilot operation starts with over 60 vehicles at a total of ten locations in Vienna and Graz, a project location has now been set up to implement various application scenarios in practice. This project location on the Wien Energie site near the Simmering power plant resembles a real taxi rank. The parking and loading spaces are arranged one behind the other. Three charging plates using Matrix Charging® technology were flush-mounted in the roadway. The Hyundai IONIQ 5 and VW ID. 4 vehicles to use. As soon as a vehicle parks over one of the charging plates, the so-called connector integrated in the vehicle lowers and the e-vehicle is charged automatically. The Matrix Charging® charging plates are connected to a load management system from Wien Energie, which enables the charging power required at the taxi stand to be controlled. The demonstration site will thus also provide eTaxi-specific insights into automated charging and different load management scenarios.

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