Exhibitor passes 2021

Instructions: Creating the exhibitor passes


We would like to point out to all exhibitors that exhibitor passes must be ordered prior to arrival at the exhibition grounds. Please have proof of vaccination or convalescence of all staff to be registered ready when registering online.
Exhibitor passes can be ordered without proof, but must then be tested for 3G at the entrance. Test results must be carried on site.
The 3G proof does not have to be provided during set-up (13-15.11.2021) and dismantling (19.11.201).

1. exhibitor pass code

The exhibitor pass code will be sent to the responsible person from your company. If you have not yet received an exhibitor pass code, please contact sabrina.nervegna@emove360.com.


2. selection of exhibitor passes

Select the ticket shop via “Tickets” or click here.

Select the Exhibitor pass in the quantity you need. (A free quota is available with the promotion code).

Now click on “Buy Tickets” at the bottom right.

3. log in/register
  • Log in. If you are logged in, please go to step 4.
  • If you are not yet registered, please click on “Register”.
  • Please enter your data in the following window or choose the quick login via LinkedIn.

  • Please confirm your email through the link sent to you by email (NOTE: The order cannot be processed if the account has not been confirmed).
4. selection of tickets (after login)
  • Once you are logged in, please select the number of Exhibitor passes and click on “Buy Tickets”.
  • Enter the promotion code you have received in the field on the right.

  • After entering the code, click on the tick and wait a short while. The amount should now be reduced. It may take up to five seconds to process. An accepted code looks like this:

  • Please complete the ticket details on the left. (Please note that each person must be registered with their own email address).
  • Recommended: Upload the COVID-certificate beforehand to avoid waiting times at the entrance.
  • After entering, click on “Continue to Payment”.
5. payment

If you have ordered more than your free quota of exhibitor passes, please follow the steps for payment, otherwise continue to step 6.

6. review and confirm
  • Please check the entered data and confirm the Terms and conditions by ticking the checkbox. Complete your order by clicking on “Confirm Payment”.
  • You will then receive a welcome email with details on how to get there as well as the QR code. This QR code is the ticket and must be shown at the entrance.
  • Exhibitor passes are valid during set-up and dismantling (13 – 15 Nov 2021 and 18 Nov from 18:00 until 19 Nov 2021 until 18:00) and at show time (16 – 18 Nov 2021) from 8:00.
  • Login to the eMove360° Digital Hub is now possible with the data entered.

We look forward to your participation and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.