Fastned launcht Android-Auto-App für die Suche nach Schnellladestationen unterwegs

Fastned launches Android car app to find fast charging stations on the go

European fast charging company Fastned unveils its new app for finding charging stations for Android Auto. The launch follows the Apple CarPlay app unveiled earlier this year. Aiming to make fast charging as convenient as possible, Fastned has developed its own Android Auto app that will contribute to an even easier charging experience. Electric car drivers can now find Fastned stations and check current prices and charger availability in real time directly in their vehicle’s infotainment system. Android Auto allows Android users to display the user interface of their devices on a car’s infotainment system. Due to increasing customer demand for this product, Fastned’s product teams have developed the Fastned app for Android Auto. This is available to Fastned customers who use Android and own a compatible vehicle. More information here.

24.10.2023   |  

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