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Fastned: New Apple CarPlay app to locate fast charging stations while driving

Fastned, previously known as a fast charging infrastructure provider, introduces a new app for locating charging stations for Apple CarPlay. Aiming to make fast charging as convenient as possible, Fastned has developed its own Apple CarPlay app to help make the charging experience even more enjoyable. Drivers of electric cars can now find Fastned stations, check prices and check the availability of charging stations in real time directly in their vehicle’s infotainment system.

Apple CarPlay allows iPhone users to display their device’s user:inside interface on the vehicle’s infotainment system. Due to increasing customer demand, Fastned software engineers have developed the Fastned app for Apple CarPlay, which is now available to Fastned customers with iOS devices and compatible electric vehicles. “The launch of the Fastned Apple CarPlay app is an important milestone for Fastned. We are excited to contribute to safer and more convenient electric driving by being just one touch of the infotainment screen away from the needs of driver:ins,” said Robin Wouters, Director of Product and Engineering at Fastned. “The app was developed in Apple’s closed-loop software architecture, in compliance with Apple’s applicable requirements. Our team continues to take user feedback into account to further improve the user:inside experience.”

Since most of Fastned’s customers are iOS users, the company initially focused on Apple CarPlay. However, Fastned wants to provide the best possible experience for all customers, so it is looking to expand to other systems such as Android Auto.

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