FIAT Conceots SUV. Foto: Stellantis/FIAT

FIATS cars of the future: Olivier François presents five concept cars

FIAT continues to prepare for an even more sustainable and responsible future. The focus is on completely newly developed vehicles. The first will be presented in July 2024, followed by one new model per year up to and including 2027. The engineers are pursuing the “less is more” approach. This means eliminating superfluous components from the vehicle and reducing the use of materials that are critical from an environmental point of view, such as chrome, light metal, leather and foam. There is also a strong focus on modular design, which is made possible on a large scale by the new platform. The new vehicle models share up to 80 percent of all components, particularly in the interior. This strategy is not only the basis for even more efficient production. It also leads to significant price advantages for customers. A family of concept vehicles inspired by the Fiat Panda provides a first glimpse of the brand’s future cars. Olivier François, CEO of the FIAT brand, has now presented the five models in a video (link).

The five concept cars

City-Car: The concept of a city car presented in the video is slightly larger than the current Fiat Panda. Its design is inspired by a former FIAT factory that is considered an icon of industrial architecture: the factory in the Turin suburb of Lingotto, world-famous for the test track on its roof.

Pickup: The second concept vehicle is a pickup. This vehicle class plays an important role for FIAT worldwide. With the Fiat Strada, the brand is the market leader in the pickup segment in South America. The model is also the best-selling vehicle overall in Brazil. The model combines the versatility of a pickup with the utility of a van and the comfort of an SUV. At the same time, the vehicle has a size that is perfectly suited to urban environments all over the world.

Saloon: The saloon show car is based on the same modular platform as the other concept vehicles. It combines sustainability with sportiness. The body is not only extremely aerodynamically efficient, it also exudes more modernity and youthfulness than many SUVs.

SUV: The fourth concept vehicle is a spacious SUV for the whole family. The SUV concept meets high demands in terms of safety, versatility and design, as well as offering a large amount of space and pronounced robustness.

Leisure vehicle: The fifth concept vehicle is a homage to the Fiat Panda of the 1980s, which was a “great box” for lots of fun and universal functionality. The future leisure vehicle is designed for the city, but also has the characteristics of an SUV and a loyal companion in everyday life.

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