Subsidies for commercial fast-charging infrastructure: E.ON calculation shows savings potential

Since June 3, companies have been able to access funding of 150 million euros for the purchase of fast-charging stations. Companies can significantly reduce the operating costs of their vehicles by switching to electric fleets thanks to their own charging infrastructure. According to calculations by E.ON, an outpatient care service with 25 small electric cars charged at its own charging stations, for example, can save almost 750 euros in operating costs per vehicle per year. With the entire fleet, this amounts to around EUR 18,750 per year compared to an operation with fossil fuels. A logistics company with a focus on last-mile deliveries to end customers could save almost 200,000 euros a year with 100 e-transporters instead of diesel vehicles.

This was the calculation: The annual mileage and consumption were calculated using representative vehicle models and cycles. The annual costs incurred for the respective fuel type (care service: petrol; van: diesel) were calculated from the mileage and consumption using the current average price of fuel (according to Statista) and compared with the annual costs of the same vehicle types and cycles with a purely electric drive. An average commercial electricity price was used as the basis for calculating the electricity costs for the e-vehicles. Further information

05.06.2024   |  

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