Ford und Energieversorger Tibber vereinbaren Zusammenarbeit. Foto: Ford

Ford-Tibber cooperation: charging current with current price advantages on the electricity exchange

Through its cooperation with energy supplier Tibber, Ford will be offering its electric car customers the opportunity to charge green electricity at low cost from spring 2024. The start-up Tibber supplies German customers with green electricity without a surcharge at the hourly updated wholesale purchase price of the European electricity exchanges. This means that consumers can potentially benefit from significant cost advantages in some cases. Another special feature: thanks to the advanced connectivity of Ford’s electric vehicles, the period during which the car is charged at its own wallbox can be automatically set to the cheapest hours thanks to the dynamic charging function.

Whenever the supply of renewable energy is high and demand is low, the price per kilowatt hour falls on the electricity exchanges. The night-time hours are often particularly favorable. Tibber uses this effect dynamically and buys green electricity when it is cheap – and shifts the charging of the electric car precisely to these hours thanks to its dynamic charging solution. The start-up, which was founded in Norway, passes on the lower exchange price 1:1 to its customers. Only the obligatory taxes, levies and procurement costs as well as a small monthly fee are added. The contract with Tibber can be terminated with two weeks’ notice.

Users of a compatible electric vehicle from Ford such as the Mustang Mach-E and the new Explorer can benefit from the Tibber offer from spring. The handling is simple. As soon as the electric vehicle has connected to the wallbox at home, Tibber automatically receives information on the current SoC (State of Charge) and, via an app, the planned time of the next journey and the desired SoC – that’s it.

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