Bosch startet neue elektrische Antriebseinheit. Foto: Bosch

For the last mile: Bosch launches new e-drive for vans in series production

Vans and small and medium-sized trucks form the heart of urban delivery traffic. Electrically powered, they drive locally CO2-free, contribute to better air quality and reduce noise pollution for residents. Bosch is now launching a new drive unit consisting of an electric motor plus integrated inverter for such small trucks in series production. The inverter controls the electric motor and establishes the connection to the high-voltage battery. “Bosch is consistently driving forward electromobility in commercial vehicles as well. Compared to its predecessors, the new drive unit offers an even higher power and torque density and is even more compact and lighter,” says Dr Markus Heyn, Bosch board of management member and chairman of the Mobility Solutions division. Together, the motor and inverter weigh around 80 kilograms. Bosch has reduced electrical losses by more than 20 percent with new power semiconductors, which enables an efficiency of the inverter of 97 percent and thus increases the range of the vehicles. Thanks to its flexible design, the drive module can also be integrated even more easily into existing and new vehicle models.

The electric drive is being used for the first time by the customer Daimler Truck, supplemented by a so-called DC/DC converter and the central control unit from Bosch for the drive train. The maximum power is 129 kilowatts, the continuous power 100 kilowatts. For short periods, the permanently excited synchronous machine can generate a torque of 430 Newton metres. Even with a vehicle weight of 8.5 tonnes, this ensures superior driving performance in every situation – even in hilly cities like Tokyo, Rome or San Francisco.

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19.09.2022   |  

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