iEV5 Makes Debut in Shanghai

JAC-made iEV5 made its debut at Shanghai Auto Exhibition, according to Jianghuai Automobile Company (JAC) April 22.

It is introduced that the price of iEV5 is 89,8000 CNY (14,503 USD) and the longest endurance mileage can reach 240 kilometers.Bild iEV5 Makes Debut in Shanghai klein

iEV5 scored highest in the examination of expert panel organzied by related ministries in 2012 when the R &D of iEV5 was initiated, the responsible person with JAC said. Thus, iEV5 won the support from the state. It is learned that the R&D of iEV5 adopted new platform which completely complied with the standards and requirements of electric vehicles.

In mid-April, 158 iEV5s were sold out on e-commerce platform of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and JAC received another 516-unit order later on, which showed that the consumption of e-vehicles is rising.

From this year on, Anhui will popularize new-energy vehicle and speed up the industrialization of new-energy vehicle. By the end of 2017, Anhui plans to popularize 40 thosuand new-energy vehicles and by 2020, the number of new-energy vehicles across Anhui will hit 200 thosuand.


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