Best of Award in der Kategorie MATERIAL CO2-Efficiency: ContiTech GmbH/Continental. Foto: Andreas Schwarz

Review of the year: These were the finalists of the 20th MATERIALICA DESIGN + Technology Award 2022

Mercedes Benz, BASF, Gesenkschmiede Schneier, Continental & Co. Outstanding technology and design products were honoured with the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award on the evening of 5 November at the eMove360° Europe 6th International Trade Fair for Mobility 4.0 electric, connected, autonomous in Berlin. The renowned prize is the only one worldwide positioned at the interface of design, technology and materials, and is already being awarded for the 20th time. “It was once again a great pleasure to virtually discuss the consistently high-quality entries with my jury colleagues. The award-winning submissions address solutions for sustainable mobility on the one hand, but also the careful use of resources in general. As a trade fair that is committed to sustainability, we are sending out an important signal,” emphasises Robert Metzger, Managing Director of MunichExpo GmbH and organiser of the award. The winners of the 20th MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award were honoured in a ceremony in Conference Room 1 of Hall Hub 27 at Messe Berlin, followed by a get-together with cold beer and snacks.

The finalists of the 20th MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award at a glance:

Best of Award in the category Material

Mercedes Benz/BASF SE/Witte Automotive GmbH/Pyrum Innovations AG: Turning Used Tires into Door Handles: How to Close the Resource Loop

Recyclable material loops are an important measure for conserving resources. At Mercedes-Benz, used tyres will in future be turned into new plastic parts through chemical recycling. The plastic will be obtained from a combination of pyrolysis oil and biomethane from agricultural waste in cooperation with various partners. This feedstock replaces fossil raw materials according to the mass balance approach. Each partner contributes its know-how: Starting with used tyres from Mercedes-Benz for tyre pyrolysis at Pyrum, plastic production at BASF and handle production at WITTE Automotive and assembly at Mercedes-Benz. The sustainable and chemically identical drop-in solution is being explored for other components.|||

Gold Award in the category Material

Gesenkschmiede Schneider GmbH: Lightweight steel and aluminium components for vehicle construction

Against the background of the increasing electrification of commercial vehicles, the lightweight construction of forged and friction-welded steel/aluminium components is increasingly coming into focus. By consistently exploiting the advantages of the individual materials in combination with forging and friction welding, further constructive lightweight construction potentials are possible. Weight reduction, reduction of fuel costs (electricity), cost reductions and careful handling of material resources are just some of the advantages. An important factor for CO² reduction is lightweight construction and the possibilities for developing new components. These prerequisites are met with the forged and friction-welded steel/aluminium lightweight elements and a significant CO² reduction can thus be achieved.

Best of Award in the category Process

Mercedes Benz AG: BIONiCAST

BIONICAST® – a registered trademark of Mercedes Benz – applies to structural castings designed according to the principles of nature. In addition to classic bionic optimisation techniques, the process includes graphic and polygon modelling tools that are used, for example, in Hollywood animations. The innovative BIONICAST® process helps engineers realise enormous weight potential while accelerating the design and evaluation process. This contributes to the conservation of resources. In addition to the automotive industry, this method will find its way into other industries to minimise the use of weight and resources there as well.

Gold Award in the Process category

ARA-Coatings GmbH & Co.KG: Laser-induced PVD coatings

A process with which PVD coatings are transferred from a carrier film to product surfaces after activation of a laser beam. This makes it possible to apply high-quality markings to products made of glass, steel, ceramics or plastics as well as to create large-area, functional coatings. For example, it is possible to create unique hydrophilic, hydrophobic, catalytic or antimicrobial surfaces. The process is fast, cost-effective, and all that is needed for application is a standard marking laser and the appropriate laser foil.

Best of Award in the category Product

WMF: ULTIMATE stainless steel pan

High-quality, uncoated stainless steel pans are often used for frying at high temperatures. Standard is a construction with a pan body made of stainless steel, an aluminium layer and a capsule for induction suitability. With the current stainless steel pans, a bulge develops in the base during heating. This prevents even frying over the entire surface and leads to temperature differences. The technology of the WMF ULTIMATE stainless steel pan, which was newly developed by WMF and for which a patent has been applied for, enables a flat pan bottom over a wide temperature range. Less fat is required for frying and the temperature distribution is very even.

Gold Award in the category Product

WOGG Furniture AG: W75 roll-front system and furniture application

WOGG 75 consists of a cube-shaped guide element as a sliding mechanism and aluminium profiles. The small injection-moulded plastic part, which encloses a soft rubber tyre, is clipped into the slats at any pre-milled point. The lightweight construction gets by with a material thickness of one millimetre. It can run around the corpus in a hanging or standing position. Its geometry allows individual dimensions and, for the first time, concave and convex, narrow and wide radii. In addition, the ingenious kit has eliminated a widespread weakness in sliding doors: The fronts slide quietly and without jerking. The system is internationally patented.

Silver Award in the Product category

Enovates: Single Wallbox

Enovates, an OEM manufacturer of EV chargers, has developed a Single Wallbox that is easy to install and use and can be customised to a customer’s identity. All electrical components have been integrated onto circuit boards that are inaccessible to an installer, eliminating installation errors. The product has a low total cost of ownership and is easy to install. Our new charger is smart, connected and ready for the future by meeting the highest and latest EU standards. The CO₂ footprint has been kept as low as possible by using recycled and recyclable cardboard. After an expected lifetime of at least 7 years, the product is 99% recyclable.

Best of Award in the Material CO₂ Efficiency Category

ContiTech GmbH/Continental: ContiTech ECO C100 and ContiTech ECO C200

R744 hose lines for CO₂-efficient vehicle air conditioning

Continental has developed hose systems that are suitable for the operation of CO₂ air conditioning systems and the associated increased pressure and temperature requirements, thus offering a climate-friendly alternative to conventional air conditioning line systems. These hose lines were introduced as a small series at two well-known OEMs and are currently being industrialised as a large series at a third renowned OEM with an electrical platform.

Winner in the Student Category

Joline Kaufmanns: Abundance of light

“Abundance of Light” means “fullness of light” and thus implies differentiated, complementary material properties. Materials such as wool, paper yarn and recycled cellophane are used with sustainability in mind. These components are joined together in a woven and knitted structure as a sandwich material. The individual parts of the surface visually interlock. The loosely knitted ab side gives the material a voluminous feel and provides air pockets. Lanolin makes it particularly water-repellent and dill, Sweden’s national spice, gives it further multi-sensory properties. The material can be returned to the natural cycle in a multifunctional and sustainability-oriented way.

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