Jungheinrich Group provides free 5-year warranty on its lithium-ion batteries

Effective immediately, the Jungheinrich Group is providing a free 5-year warranty on all of its self-manufactured lithium-ion batteries.

If the capacity of a battery falls below 65 percent of its nominal capacity within the warranty lifetime, Jungheinrich will repair or exchange it free of charge, using its local after-sales team to get the job done. By making this move, Hamburg-based intralogistics provider is underscoring its technology leadership in lithium-ion batteries. Jungheinrich is at present the only intralogistics company to develop and manufacture not only vehicles, but also the corresponding charging systems and batteries. In 2011 Jungheinrich became the first manufacturer to launch a series-produced truck equipped with lithium-ion technology.

Dr Oliver Lücke, the Jungheinrich Board of Management member in charge of Engineering, comments as follows: “Thanks to our many years of experience in the area of energy storage systems, we are now able to offer our customers a free warranty on our Jungheinrich lithium-ion batteries lasting either for five years or 10,000 hours of operation. Anyone who is interested in energy-efficient, leading-edge warehouse solutions can’t afford to ignore Jungheinrich. By granting this additional warranty we are substantially reducing the investment risks for our clients, while maximising their benefits. Our lithium-ion batteries are intelligent and can communicate with both the vehicle and the charging equipment. That means they protect themselves autonomously from incorrect handling while at the same time adjusting ideally to the application at hand. That is why Jungheinrich batteries are especially efficient, maintenance-free and long-lasting. At Jungheinrich we are convinced that lithium-Ion technology will soon become the standard energy storage system in intralogistics. Thanks to their high rate of efficiency they will make it possible to electrify applications which are currently still being handled by IC engine powered industrial trucks.”

Jungheinrich has a manufacturing depth for its energy storage systems which is unique in the market. Currently Jungheinrich already offers lithium-ion batteries as a feature on over 90 percent of its truck models. And the latest vehicles using conventional lead-acid batteries can also easily be converted to lithium-ion technology. The range of self-produced batteries consists of 24 V, 48 V and 80 V versions – all of them covered by the Jungheinrich warranty of five years or 10,000 operating hours. The Jungheinrich lithium-ion components are perfectly attuned to each other, since the battery, vehicle and charging equipment all communicate. Since neither gases nor acid are emitted by lithium-ion batteries, special charging stations equipped with expensive exhaust systems are no longer necessary. This not only makes for safety, but also saves on space and money. The fast and short interim charging times means that the fleet can be in operation almost continuously, 24/7. And the time-consuming need to change batteries is superfluous with lithium-ion batteries. It is no longer necessary to have any reserve batteries or battery changing equipment. Based on the major advantages of lithium-ion technology in practice, Jungheinrich is planning to further expand its own in-house battery production.


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