Leapmotor C10. Foto: Stellantis

Leapmotor: Market launch of the C10 and T03 in Europe

The establishment of Leapmotor International B.V., the joint venture between Stellantis N.V. and Leapmotor, has been completed. The two companies have received all necessary approvals for the joint venture, in which Stellantis holds a 51% stake. The management team, headquartered in Amsterdam, will be led by CEO Tianshu Xin, the former head of Stellantis’ China business. The task of the management team is to lay the foundations for the successful launch of the T03 and C10, initially in the European markets.

Using Stellantis’ sales channels, the European market launch – initially in France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Greece and Romania – will begin in September 2024. The launch will be supported by country managers and 200 points of sale by the end of the year. This includes the Stellantis &You locations. The number of locations is to be increased to 500 by 2026 to ensure a high level of service for customers. By the end of 2024, Leapmotor will also be launched in the Middle East & Africa (Turkey, Israel and French overseas territories), India & Asia Pacific (Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia and India) and South America (Brazil and Chile).

Award spoiled: C10

The Leapmotor C10 is Leapmotor’s first global product built to global design and safety standards. It is based on Leapmotor’s proprietary LEAP3.0 technology architecture and features a centralized integrated electronic and electrical architecture and CTC cell-to-chassis technology. The highlight is the intelligent cockpit. It is a fully equipped, family-oriented D-segment vehicle, with a WLTP range of 420 kilometers and a five-star E-NCAP test score. After winning the “2023 International CMF Design Award” for its technological and natural aesthetic design, the car recently won the 2024 Gold Award at the French Design Awards (FDA). The Leapmotor T 03 is a small five-door city car in the A-segment with an interior familiar from the B-segment. The range is specified as 265 kilometers (according to WLTP).


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