MATERIALICA Gold Award Category Material: GSA Gesenkschmiede Schneider

The expert jury of the 18th MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award 2020 awarded the Gold Award in the material category to GSA – Gesenkschmiede Schneider for forged aluminum / magnesium lightweight components in vehicle construction. Due to the composite material, the advantages of the individual materials can be optimally used. Magnesium is 30 percent lighter than aluminum, but prone to corrosion. The outer layer of the components is therefore made of aluminum and the core of magnesium. Forging creates a stable material bond. A significant weight reduction is thus achieved through the use of forged aluminum / magnesium lightweight construction elements in lightweight construction. Through the development of improved corrosion protection measures and the associated increase in component service life, the associated increase in component service life, the composite material is becoming more and more important.

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