Ralph Kranz, General Manager NIO Deutschland GmbH und Günter Fuhrmann, Managing Director der Mer Gruppe DACH bei der Unterzeichnung des Memorandum of Understanding in Gräfelfing

Mer and NIO: Partnership for more than 15 Power Swap Stations sites in Germany and Austria

Mer and NIO are joining forces to further expand the charging infrastructure. The two e-mobility specialists are currently planning to establish joint premium locations in Germany and Austria, which will enable both e-car drivers and NIO users to benefit from greater flexibility and choice in the future. As part of their new partnership, the two companies plan to jointly develop more than 15 premium locations by 2025. These sites are strategically located and will combine Mer’s extensive range of charging solutions for e-car drivers with NIO’s unique, fully automated Power Swap Stations (PSS; battery swap stations).

As part of Mer’s extensive charging network, e-mobilists will be able to fill up with 100 percent certified green electricity at the new locations and, as NIO users, experience the added convenience of the Power Swap Stations’ fully automated battery swap, which takes only about five minutes. A Power Swap Station is the size of a double garage and is designed for a maximum of 312 “swaps” per day. Up to 13 batteries are charged with 40 kW to 80 kW in a grid- and battery-friendly manner without causing typical peaks in the power grid.

Planning has already begun for a first joint site near the important transportation hub of Bielefeld. Further locations in Germany and Austria are planned. In the future, the partnership between the two companies will also focus on cooperation to support vehicle fleets, so that drivers of NIO BEVs can also take advantage of Mer’s sustainable and convenient fleet services.
NIO and Mer have already signed memorandums of understanding in Sweden, Norway and the UK. At the joint signing of the Memorandum of Understanding for Germany in Gräfelfing on May 10, 2023, the managing directors of both companies, Günter Fuhrmann, Managing Director of Mer Group DACH, and Ralph Kranz, General Manager of NIO Deutschland GmbH, once again emphasized their desire to help write the future of sustainable mobility. www.mer.eco; www.nio.com

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