Mercedes-Benz und Sila erzielen Durchbruch bei Hochvoltbatterie mit Silizium-Hochleistungszellen. Links: Markus Schäfer, Vorstandsmitglied der Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Chief Technology Officer verantwortlich für Entwicklung und Einkauf. Rechts: Gene Berdichevsky, Mitbegründer und CEO von Sila Mercedes-Benz and Sila achieve breakthrough with high silicon automotive battery. Left: Markus Schäfer, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Chief Technology Officer responsible for Development and Procurement. Right: Gene Berdichevsky, Co-founder and CEO, Sila

Mercedes-Benz and Sila: breakthrough in high-voltage batteries with high-performance silicon cells

Mercedes-Benz announced that it will be working with Sila, a next-generation battery materials company, to use the company’s silicon anode chemistry in batteries that will be available as an option for the future electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class for the first time. This adds another innovative cell chemistry to the Mercedes-Benz battery portfolio.

The innovative high-silicon anode material will increase the energy density of batteries without compromising safety or other performance parameters. Compared to today’s commercially available cells in a comparable format, Sila’s technology enables a 20-40% increase in energy density to over 800 Wh/l at cell level. Thanks to this important development, Mercedes-Benz can store much more energy in the same space and thus significantly increase the range of its future vehicles.

Sila will manufacture the advanced silicon anode materials at its new Washington state facility using 100% renewable energy. This makes Mercedes-Benz the factory’s first publicly named automotive customer. Both companies are aiming to equip a range-extended version of the electric G-Class with the new battery technology option by mid-decade.

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18.05.2022   |  

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