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Optimally insure e-company vehicles with Allianz and save money at the same time

We support you in the conversion of your company vehicles and grant up to 30% discount on electric company cars.

Benefit from our extended benefits specifically for electric vehicles. Damage to the battery caused by animal bites, short circuits or lightning strikes is covered without any limit on benefits. A charging cable or mobile charging station is an integral part of comprehensive insurance as an accessory. The loss of a charging card in connection with an accidental damage event is also insured. We do not reimburse any credit on the card.

In the event of pure battery damage within the first 24 months of purchase, we even provide compensation for the new price of the battery.

In the event of theft of a car or truck (up to 3.5 t gross vehicle weight rating) or in the event of a total loss, we will also support you and reimburse the new price or purchase price within the first 24 months of registration.

With our price guarantee, you can secure tomorrow’s prices today. We will not adjust the premium agreed with you today for 2025 if you decide to insure your vehicles with us from May 1, 2024. Provided there is no claim by then.

Further information and contacts can be found here.

You can not only insure your fleet of three or more vehicles with different drive types with us. Together with our cooperation partner ADAC, we also support you in applying for the greenhouse gas reduction premium (GHG premium). This offer applies not only to cars, but also to commercial vehicles and buses. For you, this means: no extra effort, but an attractive premium – completely stress-free! You can find more information here.

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