Mobility without borders: e.GO and Automobile Sodermanns present the first e.GO Life converted for people with disabilities

  • Unique project from NRW: First e.GO Life with 20 different conversions that enable people with restricted mobility to drive

  • Highlights include a fully automatic robotic arm for individual loading of the wheelchair, the option of integrating Space Drive, drive-by-wire technology for safe vehicle control, or left-hand throttle

  • Cooperation with vehicle conversion manufacturer Sodermanns Automobile from Wassenberg

  • Vehicle conversion up to 100 percent eligible and potential funding in the amount of € 22,500 possible when buying a new car

Left picture: Converted e.GO Life| Download | Right picture: Fully automatic robotic armDownload

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Aachen, November 25, 2021 – e.GO Mobile, the German manufacturer of sustainable electric cars, today presented the first e.GO Life converted for people with disabilities together with Automobile Sodermanns in Wassenberg (NRW).

The first converted e.GO Life was presented at an exclusive introductory event with high-ranking guests from politics and business. 20 different conversions were implemented for trying out and test driving, e.g. a fully automatic wheelchair loading system or a foldable transfer aid for easier boarding and loading of a wheelchair as well as various driving aids, for example left-hand throttle, a multifunction steering wheel knob, a manual control device for gas and brake, a rotary and swivel seat for the passenger side, a camera system for looking to the side and to the rear if the neck rotation function is restricted, orthopedic car seats, additional handles for getting in and out and many more. In addition, the innovative space drive technology from Paravan, a renowned conversion specialist and license partner of Sodermanns Automobile, can also be installed if required. The electronic steering and braking system dispenses with the mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the steering gear; impulses are only transmitted electronically. The drive-by-wire system, which is also used in motorsport or automated industry, also enables mobility for the disabled and benefits people with less muscle strength and severe motor impairments. Very little muscle strength is sufficient to drive the vehicle safely and independently.


“In the past few years the number of inquiries regarding the conversion of e-vehicles has risen continuously”, says Frank Sodermanns, managing director and founder at Automobile Sodermanns. “This also applies to small e-city vehicles such as the e.GO Life. Due to the special design of electric cars, there are of course challenges with the conversion. This specifically concerns the battery, the space, the weight and the integration into the vehicle electronics – challenges that we know how to master well with 25 years of experience. “

“This makes a completely new category of mobility accessible to people with disabilities, namely that of sustainable, robust and modern vehicle concepts that are ideally suited for use in urban areas due to their size and equipment” adds Dr. Matthias Kreimeier, Head of Sales at Next.e.GO Mobile SE. “We would also like to enable people with disabilities to be dynamic and agile in the city center. A vehicle of this size with a robotic arm is unique. “

Sodermanns Automobile in Wassenberg specializes in converting vehicles for the disabled. The e.GO Life can be ordered from e.GO Mobile itself or from one of the Germany-wide sales partners, the conversion then from Sodermanns in Wassenberg. The e.GO Life is also registered there and assessed by the TÜV in the form of an individual acceptance. In addition, Sodermanns Automobile offers a nationwide pick-up and delivery service with which the converted e.GO Life can also be delivered directly to the customer’s home or to another location.

The costs for the vehicle conversion can be subsidized up to 100 percent, e.g. via the so-called vehicle assistance. The experienced Sodermanns team provides active advice and support here. The environmental bonus for electric cars can of course be applied for regardless of the handicapped-accessible conversion.

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