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muc023: Premiere for new e-flitzer from TU Munich

In the presence of the Bavarian Minister of Science Markus Blume, Munich’s second mayor Katrin Habenschaden and the President of TUM, Prof. Thomas F. Hofmann, the TUfast Eco student group of TU Munich – TUM presented its new e-car to the public. It goes by the name of muc023 and is intended to build on past successes and set new standards in terms of efficiency. Lower weight, increased efficiency of individual components and significantly reduced air resistance are the distinguishing features of the new model compared to its predecessor. This year marks the twentieth time that the student initiative has competed in international competitions. As early as May, the vehicle will compete against other student groups from Europe at the Shell Eco Marathon.

65 kilograms light, 0.13 cd value

At around 65 kilograms, Muc023 is a full ten kilograms lighter than its predecessor. Among other things, this is made possible by modifications to the body and new wheel suspensions that are almost 40 percent lighter than those of the previous year. The team also improved the efficiency of the electrical components. For example, the new permanently excited synchronous motors run up to five percent more economically on the test bench than the models used previously. In order to use the electrical energy stored in the batteries as sparingly as possible, aerodynamics also play an even greater role than before.

Clad front wheel arches and an adapted rear end help the muc023 achieve a cd value of just 0.13, around 20 percent less than its predecessor (0.16) and significantly less than even highly optimized passenger cars, which are in the 0.20 range. In simplified terms, the value indicates how streamlined a body is in the airflow. “Our team is very proud of the new car. We have learned a lot from past competitions and paid attention to details for muc023. The sum of improvements adds up to an impressive result, which we hope will be reflected in the results at the upcoming challenges,” explained Gleb Lialine, Team Manager of the TUfast Eco Team, at the presentation in Munich.

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