MyFord Mobile app lets owners check battery and heat car up remotely + Video

Ford has revealed a new app that enables users to control some of its upcoming electric cars.

The MyFord Mobile app will enable owners to get data from their car while they are away, the company announced at an event during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on March 2.

This means users can check their vehicle’s power level before planning a journey. They will also be able to set the car’s temperature remotely, meaning you can avoid those bitter cold mornings.Bild MyFord Mobile app lets owners klein

Should the owner forget where they parked the car, the app also uses HERE Maps to locate it.

One of the first vehicles to integrate with the app will be the Ford Focus Electric, which is expected to arrive sometime in spring.

“MyFord Mobile makes owning an electric vehicle even more convenient. It displays CO2 savings in terms of objects everyone is familiar with, and shows how further energy efficiencies can be achieved in a way that is easily understood,” said Don Butler, executive director for Ford’s Connected Vehicle and Services.

“Electric car drivers want to understand the environmental benefits their vehicle brings, and also to know how they could improve their contribution to help make a better future. MyFord Mobile helps them to do this.”


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