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Sustainable timber harvesting solution: Technology concept for an electric forestry machine

Some time ago, Ponsse and Epec introduced the PONSSE EV1, a technology concept for electric forestry machines. Although the forestry machine will only be available on the market in the future, Epec’s technology can already be used in electric or hybrid-electric commercial vehicles and mobile machines. Ponsse’s concept takes a look into the future and paves the way for developments and sustainable solutions for timber harvesting.

PONSSE EV1 technology concept

The PONSSE EV1 concept has been developed for 15 tonne capacity skidders, the most popular size class for Ponsse skidders. The concept machine features a fully electric driveline, Epec power distribution unit and hybrid control unit. The machine’s driveline operates entirely on battery power. The batteries are charged with a range extender, which at this stage of development is an internal combustion engine. Testing and development are progressing continuously. This technology provides significant fuel savings in this size class.

Epec Flow: a comprehensive system solution for electric mobility

Part of the PONSSE EV1 is Epec Flow, the Epec system solution for electric mobility. The solution is based on the Epec Flow Power Distribution Unit (PDU), a power distribution unit to which electric motors, batteries and various devices can be connected. The PDU’s integrated safety solutions enable effective manufacturing and maintenance of the machines, as well as their operation under demanding conditions. The Epec Flow Hybrid Control Unit (HCU) controls the electric drive train and contains software that ensures optimal energy consumption, productivity and user-friendliness. This was developed using simulation models.

“The Epec Flow solution is at the heart of it all. It was developed for the electrification of various commercial vehicles and mobile machines. The software can be further developed with the help of simulation models and the solution can be flexibly adapted to the needs of different machines. The different systems, including drive and control, work seamlessly together and will enable the production of safe and efficient zero-emission machines in the future,” says Jyri Kylä-Kaila, CEO of Epec. www.ponsse.com; www.epec.fi

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