Die ineinander verschmelzenden Bereiche Lounge und Arbeitsplatz bestimmen das Konzept des SPACE D. Foto: Continental

Sustainable design concept SPACE D: Continental presents vehicle interior of the future

SPACE D celebrates its premiere: With its new design concept, Continental shows the design future of the vehicle interior, which will be shaped by e-mobility and autonomous driving – and makes it possible to experience it today. In doing so, the company is closing the gap between the living room and the automotive interior, focusing on comfort and a sense of well-being. “After the AMBIENC3 with its visionary automotive interior concept and the ContiHome, which shows the future of living, it was time to merge the two worlds into one. The result is SPACE D – a kind of mobile oasis,” says Ralf Imbery, Global Director Design, Marketing & Strategy.

Sustainability is at the heart of SPACE D and can be experienced in many facets. Many of the processed surface solutions make contributions in terms of the three defined pillars of sustainability – carbon neutrality, circular economy and unique product performance – which in turn allows customers to make their products more sustainable. The exhibit also focuses on design and function. Continental’s surface specialists have reduced their SPACE D exhibit to the essentials – namely, the mobile interior. There is no body built around it, no powertrain, no wheels, nothing concrete – simply an open frame that represents the boundary of the space as a symbolic orientation for the outlook into the future of the interior. The D in the name SPACE D stands for the high design standards of the visionary open concept.

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06.09.2023   |  

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