Systementwicklung für die 4in1-E-Achse von Schaeffler. Foto: SCHAEFFLER

New drive for electromobility: the 4in1 e-axle from Schaeffler

Schaeffler is focusing on electromobility with several new electric axle drives (e-axles). “Electric axles are a central component of our electromobility strategy,” says Matthias Zink, Member of the Executive Board Automotive Technologies at Schaeffler AG. So far, up to three drive parts have been brought together in one compact unit. With the so-called 4in1 e-axle, Schaeffler is now going one step further and, in addition to the electric motor, power electronics and transmission, also integrates thermal management into the axle drive. This saves space, weight and provides more comfort. A particularly efficient thermal management also ensures that a car drives further with one battery charge and charges faster. Also new are electric rigid axles for pick-up trucks, so-called beam e-axles. In the future, Schaeffler will supply them to automobile manufacturers, particularly in North America.

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22.06.2022   |  

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