New Version of the Webasto Pure Charging Station Guarantees Flexibility and a Long Service Life

The second-generation Webasto Pure charging station makes charging at home even more user-friendly. The central LED display now indicates that charging is active with a flowing, gently pulsating color transition. When purchasing the unit it is possible to choose between a 4.5 and a 7-meter-long permanently attached cable with a type 2 charging plug. This offers electric car drivers greater flexibility when selecting the location for the charging station. As part of its outstanding service, Webasto provides a five-year guarantee promise at no extra cost, thereby significantly exceeding the statutory guarantee period of two years. A further benefit of the new Webasto Pure is the factory-integrated DC residual current device. This means that it is completely unnecessary to install a separate “Type B RCD” circuit breaker, which saves costs and installation effort.

“Webasto is synonymous with high-quality and user-friendly products. With the new Webasto Pure we are specifically addressing customer wishes relating to charging. We are also offering consumers safe and reliable access to electromobility with our extended Webasto guarantee and by fulfilling all statutory requirements”, explains Heike Niehues, who is responsible for the global aftermarket business at Webasto.

Just like its predecessor model, the new Webasto Pure is available in the two power variants 11 kW and 22 kW to meet individual charging performance requirements. A new feature is that the installer has further available amperages when commissioning the wall box. This enables him to better match the charging current to the infrastructure already available on-site. The universal key switch is retained, which blocks access to the charging station for unauthorized users, as is the simple installation, fast commissioning and ease of operation of the charger (plug & play). An important feature for electricity transmission system operators is that the new Webasto Pure allows remote access via a ripple control receiver for ensuring grid stability.

The Webasto Pure can be used in 33 European countries. Israel, Norway, Turkey and The Ukraine have been newly added to this list. In Germany the charging station is available at a price of EUR 599.00, for example at

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23.03.2021   |  

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