NIO ES8 launches at NIO House in Oslo

NIO officially launched its NIO ES8 in Norway and commenced user delivery. Since 1 October NIO House Oslo is open to the public. Located at Karl Johans Gate 33, Oslo’s center of commerce and culture, NIO House Oslo has a total area of 2,100 square meters, and is the largest user center in Norway. The two-story structure has an upper floor for the display of products and services, and a lower floor for the NIO Cafe, Library, Forum, Lab, Living Room and Joy Camp areas exclusive to NIO users.

NIO’s Service and Delivery Center in Oslo will open in October. With a floor space of 1,800 square meters, it offers services including vehicle delivery, maintenance and repair, mobile service fleet and car pick-up and delivery service. NIO will also provide worry-free service in the other four cities in Norway together with authorized service partners.

NIO’s Battery as a Service (BaaS) is also available in Norway. With comprehensive services enabled by vehicle-battery separation, battery subscription and the chargeable, swappable and upgradable batteries, it marks a breakthrough both in technology and business model. BaaS users can choose to purchase a car without battery, and subscribe to batteries of various capacities according to actual needs by paying a monthly subscription fee accordingly. At the same time, BaaS can address problems that have long been affecting the wide adoption of electric vehicles, including battery degradation, inflexible capacity upgrades, and fluctuated vehicle resale value. Those who subscribe to BaaS will be able to enjoy services of NIO Power Swap network and flexible battery upgrades.  By the end of 2022, NIO will build 20 Power Swap stations in Norway, covering Norway’s five largest cities and their main roads. The first integrated station of battery charging and swapping in Norway will be up and running at the end of October. Futher information:


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