NOMI with GPT function: NIO’s standard AI vehicle assistant

NIO is using Microsoft Azure Open AI to integrate GPT technology into its NOMI voice control system, making all of its electric vehicles even more user-friendly. This makes NOMI one of the world’s first standard in-vehicle artificial intelligence systems to actively use GPT technology as a standard feature across its entire product range.

The rollout of the GPT function for all NIO vehicle models available in Europe on the NT2.0 platform started on April 5 and will initially be made available in English, German and Norwegian via firmware over-the-air updates (FOTA). FOTA keeps NIO’s smart electric cars up to date like a smartphone operating system upgrade: it updates all connected functions in NIO’s system architecture.

The GPT function complements the unique capabilities of NIO’s in-vehicle assistant by answering more complex queries in intuitive language and providing information about the vehicle, such as the battery charge level. The result is a more personalized and intuitive user experience that provides more accurate and relevant answers without having to take your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel.

Weather service and technical assistance on demand

In addition to personalized greetings and daily weather information, NOMI GPT offers a range of new interactions that make driving an unforgettable experience. NOMI provides information on prompts to operate certain vehicle functions. Faster and easier than manually searching for information, drivers can now simply ask questions such as: “How do I adjust the wing mirrors?” or “How do I check the tire pressure?”. The instructions appear on the vehicle display. The AI-controlled assistant is a natural evolution of NIO’s car assistant and supports users in operating their vehicle – this is made possible thanks to Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) technology.

Other functions also contribute to improved interaction: A new FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) feature allows NIO users to get to know NOMI and their skills and preferences better. This further personalizes the user experience and makes interacting with the AI assistant even more fun. NIO drivers can ask NOMI about her favorite music, the games she likes, or even what she thinks about other AI systems. The latest news about NIO, its founder and other NIO products can also be called up with a simple question.

“From the very beginning, NOMI has established itself as an intuitive and fun way to interact with our smart electric vehicles,” says Benjamin Steinmetz, Product Experience Director Europe. “By adding the GPT functionality via the Microsoft Azure OpenAI service, NOMI can now generate more relevant responses and answer more complex queries – making rides more experiential and enjoyable for users. This integration is just the beginning of a development that will help NOMI to scale faster and offer new exciting features with every release.”

New update of the NIO operating system Banyan

To coincide with the GPT feature for NOMI, NIO is announcing a major update to Banyan, NIO’s advanced intelligent vehicle system. Banyan is the central operating system for the electric vehicles and enables all intelligent functions. Thanks to the updates, NIO users can now look forward to significant improvements in charging, assisted driving, navigation and media usage, connectivity and the NOMI personal assistance system.

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