Neue Hochleistungs-NEV-Plattform E0X. Foto: Chery Automobile

OMODA, Jaecoo & Co.: Chery Automobile launches new high-performance NEV platform

For the new car brands OMODA, JAECOO and EXLANTiX, parent company Chery Automobile has unveiled the new NEV (New Electric Vehicle) high-performance platform E0X, which aims to set new standards in the five dimensions of “Space”, “Intelligent Cabin”, “Intelligent Driving”, “Energy Consumption” and “Safety”. The “E” in E0X stands for “Electric” and represents Chery’s commitment to expand in the new energy sector and its determination to continuously develop and innovate. The “0” stands for a new technological beginning, the start of a journey in the high-end NEV sector with the aim of developing sustainable and green solutions. The “X” symbolizes the infinite expansion possibilities of the platform, which covers the A to C segment of SD/SUV/MPV models with five-, six- and seven-seater variants. Based on the E0X platform, 24 PHEV and 15 high-end battery electric vehicle (BEV) models are to be created over the next two years.

Features of the new E0X high-performance platform

Super comfortable ride: The E0X platform uses an integrated solution of die-cast body, cast aluminum chassis and adaptive air suspension, coupled with excellent tuning capabilities, providing a stable and comfortable driving experience with a space ratio of 70.2% for sedans and 66.8% for SUVs.

Peace of Mind, Super Comfort: The E0X platform meets five-star safety standards in the areas of passive safety, active safety, battery safety, functional safety and information security.

Intelligent super convenience: The E0X platform features the advanced, cross-domain electronic architecture EEA 5.0, which offers computing power of up to 1,000 TOPS (Tera Operations per Second). It has an SOA software architecture with double decoupling and a Gigabit Ethernet communication network that fully supports advanced intelligent driving and the Lion 6.0 Third Space intelligent cabin.

First BEV based on the E0X platform

The ES flagship model based on this platform is a C-segment sedan that was officially launched on the Chinese market in December 2023. With a length of almost 5 meters, a width of almost 2 meters and a wheelbase of 3 meters, the ES is equipped with an 800 V high-voltage platform, supported by the technical advantages of the E0X platform. It achieves a consumption of 11.7 kWh per hundred kilometers, a range of 218 km after a 5-minute charge and a charge from 30% to 80% in 15 minutes.

As a pure electric vehicle manufactured to global standards, the ES will complement the EXLANTiX brand’s offering in overseas markets and will appeal to customers in various parts of the world from 2024.

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