Orange EV and Kalmar Ottawa Team Up on Zero-Emission, Electric Terminal Tractor

Kalmar Ottawa and Orange EV announced today that they are collaborating to deliver zero-emission, electric terminal tractors. Kalmar Ottawa has tested many alternative-fuel trucks in the past, but Orange EV’s T-Series is the first and only one to match the power and reliability for which Kalmar Ottawa is known.

Based on customer demand for emission-free freight logistics, the companies are collaborating on the use of Orange EV’s technology in the Kalmar Ottawa T2 terminal tractor.

Wayne Mathisen, Chief Executive Officer for Orange EV said, “We are excited about the experience our two companies bring to bear on freight logistics. Orange EV’s initial offering has been well received by the market. The T-Series, a remanufactured solution which gives operators “a new truck they already know”, has repeatedly proven it can do the job supporting 24 x 7 operations, cost effectively and with zero emissions. The opportunity to work with industry leader Kalmar Ottawa will enable Orange EV to accelerate adoption of electric terminal tractors.”Bild Orange EV and Kalmar Ottawa Team klein

Kalmar Ottawa invented the terminal tractor in 1958 and has sold more than twice as many trucks as its competitors combined. Kalmar Ottawa is known as the market leader in product innovation.

“With the increasing demand for cleaner, more efficient trailer spotting at distribution centers, freight yards and ports, aligning ourselves with a company like Orange EV was the logical progression for Kalmar Ottawa. The opportunity to blend our two products and distribution networks is a win-win,” said Dave Wood, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Terminal Tractors Americas Region.

Power, Endurance and Sustainability: T-Series Supports 24 x 7 Operations Cost Effectively

The T-Series has been tested and proven in a range of fleet operating environments including LTL freight transportation, distribution, manufacturing and intermodal services. Customer demonstrations onsite with national brand leaders showed that an electric terminal tractor can reliably do the job of current diesel trucks while delivering far greater environmental and financial value.

Drivers consistently favor the T-Series for its simplified operations and driver comfort where noise, vibration, heat and emissions are eliminated or greatly reduced. Significant savings in fuel, maintenance and other costs result in a lower total cost of ownership.

Incentive programs can reduce purchase price to at or below that of a new diesel. The T-Series remains the only terminal tractor solution that qualifies for financial incentives through Drive Clean Chicago (DCC). The incentive amounts recently increased to $150,000 per truck, directly reducing the price to end customers in the City of Chicago and its six counties: Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry and Will.

The T-Series is available in on-road and off-road configurations. Both versions are approved for DCC incentives at the $150,000 level. Similar incentive programs exist in other locations nationwide, most notably California and Texas.

Silent Test Drive Tour Crossing the US

The T-Series zero-emission electric terminal tractor is traveling to user-experience events in the coming weeks. The next stop in the Midwest will be Friday, April 3rd in Aurora, IL where drivers can experience the ultra-quiet terminal tractor for themselves. Events are planned in Southern California for the May – June timeframe. For reservations, e-mail or call 866-688-5223, Ext. 702.

About Orange EV

Orange EV designs and delivers pure electric, industrial-strength vehicles that are better for the earth, people and bottom line with solutions that meet the harsh demands of industrial applications, while making economic sense. Orange EV leverages the right technology investments to flexibly and cost effectively address different market applications customized to customer needs. For more information about Orange EV, contact Mike Saxton, Orange EV Chief Commercial Officer at (866) 688-5223 or go online at

About Kalmar Ottawa

As the world’s leader in terminal tractors offering the most comprehensive range of models for warehouse and distribution operations, ports and rail terminals, Kalmar Ottawa’s commitment to continuous product development has resulted in many industry firsts.

Besides being the original manufacturer of terminal tractors, Kalmar Ottawa was the first to offer machines with an automatic transmission, a rear door entry, integral air conditioning units, power cab tilt and ABS brake systems. Kalmar Ottawa terminal tractors were also the first on the market to receive DOT/EPA certification – a paramount classification for distribution and industrial customers whose operation entails shunting trailers between yards via public streets and roadways.

The company offers an expanding portfolio of eco-friendly Kalmar Ottawa terminal tractors including machines powered by alternative fuels, such as CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas).

The Kalmar Ottawa terminal tractor dealer network provides sales, service and support from 171 locations throughout North America. A complete listing and search tool for locating Kalmar Ottawa dealers can be found at

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