Pertinax – a traditional material with new future

Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH, supplier of technical films, electrical insulating materials, gaskets as well as thermally conductive products, headquartered in Ahlhorn, Germany, has extended its product and material range once again. The Ahlhorner company just bought the trademark as well as all formulations of the traditional material named Pertinax.

Pertinax is a high-performance material with many different efficient properties, this hard paper mainly characterizes by its durability, high temperature resistance and his excellent performance. Furthermore it is also suitable as construction element at mechanical stress and heavy erosion and it can also be greased with water, adhesive, grease or oil. Pertinax can be quoted in many different forms and formats since it is light, break-proof and flexible as well as elastic, but it still offers highest electric safety and is an efficient alternative for fibre and hard rubber in electrical apparatus.

The company introduces its wide range of products and materials at the annual Materialica, including the Pertinax-Materials, at the booth 215 in hall B3.

Dr. Michael Müller presents a paper named “Pertinax – a traditional material with new future” on Wednesday, October 22nd, 02:20 pm. On Thursday, October 23rd 2014, 01:00 pm, there is another speech of Dr. Michael Müller, subject are the new aramid papers for the insulation of transformers, electrical motors and generators as well as the usage as separator paper in batteries.

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