Der Cityring Hannover mit den Schnellladepunkten von enercity. Grafik: enercity

Power ring for electric cars: enercity expands charging infrastructure at Cityring Hannover

The Cityring is the lifeline of the city of Hannover. Tens of thousands of vehicles use the well-developed traffic infrastructure in the center of the state capital every day. In recent weeks, the energy service provider enercity has successively expanded its fast charging network here and has now “closed the loop”. As of now, it is possible to charge e-vehicles with green electricity in the east, north, west and south of the Cityring and to do so within a very short time. This is made possible by the 16 public fast charging points. The latest charging points recently went into operation at the enercity Leinewelle, in the direct vicinity of the state parliament.

“Thanks to enercity, the Cityring is becoming a power ring for e-vehicles. We are deliberately relying here on powerful fast charging points with up to 150 KW of power. It is important that our customers can reach the charging points very easily and that the charging process in the city takes little time,” says enercity CEO Dr. Susanna Zapreva.
The fast charging points enable e-vehicles to be fully charged within 30 minutes. enercity will continue to expand the charging network on the Cityring, as well as in the city of Hannover. By 2026, the energy service provider will operate over 1300 public charging points in Hannover. “enercity is already ensuring that the state capital has the best-developed public charging network among major German cities. On average, there are ten e-vehicles per charging point here. In this way, enercity is making an important contribution to emission-free mobility,” explains Zapreva.

In Hanover, 86 e-vehicles share one fast charging point. In comparison, the average figure for the entire state of Lower Saxony is 124 e-vehicles sharing one fast-charging point (as of Jan. 1, 2023). In total, enercity operates 73 such DC charging points in Hannover.

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