Aggregatemontage MINI Countryman Electric im BMW Group Werk Leipzig. Foto: BMW Group

Production launch: Electrified Countryman from Leipzig

Start of production of the MINI Countryman Electric at BMW Group Plant Leipzig: Following the discontinuation of the BMW i3, the birthplace of e-mobility at the BMW Group once again has a fully electric vehicle in its range. Four models with three drive systems from two brands are now being built on one production line: the BMW 1 Series, the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer (also as a plug-in hybrid), the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupé and the MINI Countryman with all-electric and conventional drive systems.

The flexible assembly structure enables the MINI Countryman Electric to be seamlessly integrated into the production process. The drive units are also assembled on a single line in the unit assembly department at the Leipzig plant and prepared for the so-called “marriage” with the body. For the two all-electric models, the electric motor, transmission and control electronics (HEAT: highly integrated electric drive topology) are assembled directly at the plant. A new assembly line only had to be set up for the control electronics.

Produced in the factory: High-voltage batteries for the MINI Countryman Electric

With the start of production of the MINI Countryman Electric, the entire process of high-voltage battery production for the current 5th generation will be mapped at the BMW plant in Leipzig. This is divided into three process steps: Cell painting, module production and high-voltage battery assembly. For e-component production, five cell painting lines, three module production lines and two lines for high-voltage battery production have been set up at the plant and are currently in the ramp-up phase. Capacity for e-component production has been ramped up in Leipzig since 2021. In addition to the high-voltage batteries for the MINI Countryman Electric, the plant will produce e-components for the BMW iX1, BMW iX2, BMW i4, BMW i5 and BMW iX models for other locations. The former BMW i3 and BMW i8 production areas were converted and new buildings added for high-voltage battery production. Among other things, a new hall with a floor area of around 61,000 m² was built. Up to 300,000 high-voltage batteries can be produced there per year with two systems. To date, the BMW Group has invested more than 900 million euros in e-component production at the Leipzig plant.

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