Snapdragon® Automotive Platforms liefern ab 2024 leistungsstarke Rechenleistung und -fähigkeiten für die Technologieplattformen STLA Brain und STLA SmartCockpit

Qualcomm and Stellantis cooperation: operation of new vehicle platforms with solutions from Snapdragon Digital Chassis

Stellantis and Qualcomm Technologies have announced a multi-year technology collaboration to leverage the latest developments in Snapdragon Digital Chassis and intelligently power millions of vehicles across Stellantis’ 14 automotive brands – including Fiat, Opel, Chrysler, Maserati, Jeep and Citroen – starting in 2024 to enrich customer-customized and immersive experiences. The first application from this partnership will be deployed in Maserati’s next-generation Stellantis infotainment system.

The agreement will support Stellantis’ plan to merge all software domains into high-performance computing and to leverage the extremely high-performance, low-power Snapdragon automotive platforms in all key areas of the vehicle. It will also help secure supply chains for strategic components.

To take the driver-vehicle relationship to the next level, Stellantis is using the next-generation Snapdragon cockpit platforms to power the communications and infotainment systems as part of the STLA SmartCockpit, co-developed with Amazon and Foxconn.

Snapdragon cockpit platforms are not only designed to deliver high-resolution graphics for the touch and voice-enabled cockpit console, but also create an immersive onboard experience that enables premium audio and crystal-clear voice communication throughout the cabin. Snapdragon cockpit platforms are also used to further develop STLA Brain, offering a new level of digital intelligence for comfort and safety. STLA Brain helps enhance onboard driver assistance systems with highly intuitive artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

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