Von links: Andreas Haller, Gründer und Vorstandsvorsitzender der Quantron AG und Jakob Wekerle, CEO von Augora Consulting. Foto: Quantron AG

Quantron: Augora Consulting becomes partner for sustainable mobility in Romania

Quantron AG, a specialist in sustainable passenger and freight transport, announces that Augora Consulting SRL is now a partner for its zero-emission vehicles in Romania. Augora Consulting was founded in 2008 and has since established itself as a leading company in the Romanian transport industry. The focus is to be on the distribution of battery electric light transporters such as the QUANTRON QARGO 4EV and e-buses.

A large network of its own trucks and subcontractors enables Augora Consulting to offer customized transport solutions to customers throughout the European Union. By partnering with QUANTRON, the company will expand its offering to include a wide range of zero-emission vehicles that meet the needs of the changing transportation industry and contribute to a cleaner environment.

“As a former Augsburg resident, I am particularly pleased to now be a partner of Quantron AG and help shape the future of electric mobility in Romania,” said Jakob Wekerle, CEO of Augora Consulting. “The partnership allows us to provide zero-emission mobility solutions to our customers for the first time, making a valuable contribution to the decarbonization of the transportation sector.”

Andreas Haller, founder and CEO of Quantron AG, added: “We are looking forward to the joint cooperation. Romania is one of the largest markets for light commercial vehicles and heavy trucks. We see great potential here for our zero-emission vehicles and are confident that Augora Consulting’s expertise will help drive the deployment of sustainable transport solutions in Romania.”

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16.08.2023   |  

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