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Renault Group and Valeo: Partnership for the development of software-defined vehicles

Renault Group and technology company Valeo have agreed a new partnership to develop the electrical and electronic architecture for the automotive group’s next-generation vehicles. The software-defined architecture will enable vehicles to be kept up-to-date throughout their lifecycle and additional functions to be integrated without hardware changes.

Under the partnership, Valeo will supply key electrical and electronic components for the software-defined vehicle, including the high-performance computer. Valeo development teams operate in close proximity to Renault Group sites in Guyancourt, Toulouse and Sophia-Antipolis, and also work closely with Renault Software Factory teams. Valeo will also provide software for on-board applications, such as parking assistance.

The new partnership is expected to reduce development times and costs for the electrical and electronic architecture. Other focus areas include high performance, compatibility and safety. In addition to the agreements with Google for the operating system, the cloud and the digital vehicle twin, with Qualcomm for the digital chassis and the placement of all functions on a chip (system-on-chip), the collaboration with Valeo strengthens Renault Group’s control over the value chain for the software-defined vehicle. François Provost, Renault Group Chief Purchasing, Partnerships, and Public Affairs Officer, commented: “With Valeo in our technological ecosystem, an important development step has been taken towards our software-defined vehicle. The new partnership brings together the skills, expertise and innovation of both French companies to offer technologically advanced vehicles that are competitive in terms of cost and development time. Renault Group and its future Ampere business unit for electric vehicles and software are thus further strengthening their position in tomorrow’s value chain. They are also consolidating their claim to be the next generation automotive company.”

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24.05.2023   |  

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