Sarasota’s Cruise Car Wins Hong Kong Disneyland Contract

Sarasota-based Cruise Car Inc. has won a contract to supply Hong Kong Disneyland with its unique, custom-built low-speed vehicles. The contract, which was approved this week by the Hong Kong Department of Transportation (DOT), is the first time Cruise Car has sold directly to Disney; past contracts have been through Disney’s vendors.

Golf cart-style, low-speed vehicles are currently capped in Hong Kong at about 500 units, which required the need for the Hong Kong DOT to approve a license to bring in additional vehicles. Cruise Car worked closely with Hong Kong Disneyland’s management team and Hong Kong authorities to obtain this approval. After meeting in Sarasota with the Hong Kong-based engineering team, a formal purchase order was issued with a multi-year opportunity for Cruise Car to ultimately replace their 60-vehicle fleet.

Hong Kong Disneyland initially selected two Cruise Car models: a four-passenger cart with a built-in storage locker and caged cargo basket, and a light utility cart with a 4-by-6-foot bed and a 10-square-foot storage locker within the body. Hong Kong Disneyland required the vehicles to be aluminum to avoid rust, and selected a fully programmable and powerful motor controller package. Cruise Cars are engineered to endure aggressive use, challenging topography and a salt-air environment. They are custom-built to handle specific tasks and are currently in use at over 1,000 flagship properties worldwide.

27.05.2020   |  

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