Adrian Willig, VDI-Direktor. Foto: VDI

Groundbreaking ceremony for battery factory in Schleswig Holstein: “It shouldn’t be a flash in the pan”

The Swedish company Northvolt is today starting construction of a battery production plant for electric cars near Heide in Schleswig-Holstein. VDI director Adrian Willig emphasizes the importance of this step, but also points to long-term and sustainable domestic production. Central jobs are being created for engineers.

“Today’s official start of construction of the Northvolt Germany battery factory in Schleswig-Holstein is an important step for domestic battery production and thus for Germany as a location,” said Willig. “Our VDI life cycle assessment study (see also article in eMove360° magazine 01/2024 in german language) recently showed how important domestic battery production with green electricity is. In addition to European added value, this ensures a better CO₂ balance of cars. Especially batteries from China have high GHG emissions during production.”

“The project is also a good example of how skilled workers, especially engineers, are already working on sustainable future technologies,” Willig continues. “Here we can make a contribution to making Germany independent of foreign productions.” Finally, the VDI director points out that the construction of the battery factory must not remain a flash in the pan. “It is now important that this commitment is established in the long term and sustainably. We will only achieve the energy and transport transition in our industrial location Germany with joint strength.”

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25.03.2024   |  

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