reev und ABB E-mobility gestalten Elektromobilität neu. Foto: reev

Technical partnership between ABB E-mobility and reev

With ABB E-mobility, the Munich-based software company for intelligent charging solutions reev has gained an important hardware expert. The aim of the partnership is to make it quicker and easier to put the Swiss manufacturer’s wallboxes into operation and use them with the reev billing solution. In combination with the reev software, the ABB wallboxes now also have options such as tariff management, fully automated billing and user group management. In addition, the entire process of integrating an ABB Terra AC wallbox into the reev system has been significantly accelerated and simplified. It is ready for use with just a few clicks by the end customer. This simplifies the process for everyone involved. Integration of the solution into ABB E-mobility’s DC portfolio is also planned in the next step.

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06.12.2023   |  

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