The third eye for the right speed

“Is there still a speed limit?” Probably every motorist has at some time asked this question either in the city or when driving on open roads and motorways.

If you can’t get any indications either from passengers or other signs, you run the risk of getting caught at the next speed control. In this case Volkswagen’s traffic sign recognition can be helpful. Within the limits of the system, you can check on the most important warning and prohibition signs along the routes in real time.

With Dynamic Road Sign Display, the driver has a “companion” on board, which instead of an unhelpful shrug often has the right answer – because it constantly keeps its “eyes” open. The system records the relevant road signs within the limits of the system with a camera, displaying them either in the multifunction display, the display of the radio and navigation system and/or the head-up display, depending on the vehicle equipment. Speed limits, exit signs, ‘no overtaking’ signs and other signs – and of course the corresponding ‘end of …’ signs are displayed. The driver is provided with up to date information.

To make sure that the information is as accurate as possible, the on-board computer compares three sources: traffic signs detected by the camera, information from the navigation device and current vehicle data. In some cases, even dirty or damaged signs can be displayed correctly. In addition, the system calculates whether traffic signs are plausible, relevant and currently valid.

The incorporation of the rain sensor is particularly smart. The rain sensor can perceive that the precipitation on the windscreen exceeds a certain amount, and speed limits applicable ‘when wet’ are automatically displayed.

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