Traceability of Co2 emissions in the supply chain – Interview with Circulor

We interviewed our exhibitors from Circulor at our eMove360° Hybrid 2020 in Munich. We were excited to know more about traceability of emission in the supply chain. Important collaborations with Volvo and Mercedes show that bigger companies profit from this system. Thank you for joining us at the eMove360° Hybrid 2020 and our upcoming eMonday next Monday, November 16th.

The Circulor platform is simple to use, scaleable, secure and platform independent. It tracks raw materials from source, into components and finally to finished products, helping manufacturers and their suppliers build a sustainable future.

Circulor customers can secure deliveries, manage payments and check provenance of their raw materials, as well as a host of other features, making Circulor designed for real world complexity.

The solution fuses best of breed components from Oracle, AWS and others with their own proprietary applications. But technology is only the foundation. Traceability-as-a-Service includes supply chain mapping, verification, specialist responsible sourcing expertise and implementation know-how. 


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