V2C will present the world's most hyper-connected charger at eMove360° Europe. Foto: V2CHARGE

V2C will present the world’s most hyper-connected charger at eMove360° Europe

Trydan will take center stage at the 5-7 October 2022 event in Berlin positioning itself as the solution to the energy crisis. Trydan is the first electric charger with triple wireless connectivity to smart devices, the Alexa system and solar panels, capable of optimizing solar electricity generation to charge EVs at maximum power.

V2C’s presence in Berlin will be a real eye-catcher with its approach to the energy crisis.  The Spanish company will present Trydan, a new electric charger with triple wireless connectivity, capable of connecting to solar photovoltaic energy, smart devices and Alexa.

“Trydan brings the e-mobility user closer to discovering a sustainable, innovative and intelligent way of charging. It has been meticulously designed and manufactured to meet charging needs with limitless connectivity, maximum energy efficiency and cutting-edge technology to give the user full control of the e-Charger. This is the charger of tomorrow, today”, says Victor Sanchis, CEO and co-founder of V2C.

A solution to the energy crisis

V2C proposes a consolidated industrial model based on clean energy through its maximum investment in R&D and its own production capacity “V2C aligns with the objectives of the European Union through a product capable of consuming less energy and significantly accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions with the aim of leading the global energy transition” says Victor Sanchis.

Trydan was born in a context in which the huge increase in the cost of electricity in European countries – largely due to dependence on gas – is jeopardizing the sustainability of the current energy system. A situation that is intensified if we take into account the popularization of electric cars and the number of initiatives that promote self-consumption through renewable energies.  The e-Charger incorporates the best photovoltaic integration system ever created, allowing sustainable charging through solar panels. Trydan establishes direct communication with the solar energy system with batteries, being the first charger on the market to offer this artificial intelligent solution. In this way, it optimizes solar  electricity generation for charging at maximum power.  Trydan is compatible with all solar inverters. Wirelessly, it establishes a direct connection to Huawei, Kostal, SolaX, Fronius, Ingeteam and the Shelly meter. It is carefully designed to satisfy the user with three different PV charging modes in different time slots. In this way, it offers the possibility of combining sustainable mobility with renewable energy generation, two concepts that promise an exciting future for citizens around the world.

Tomorrow’s charger, today. Trydan offers unprecedented performance

The Spanish company V2Charge is committed to Artificial Intelligence and the Tryconnection concept. Trydan is the best example of this.

On the one hand, the integration with Alexa allows the user to send commands through the voice assistant to start charging the vehicle, regulate the intensity, check the charging status and pause or resume it. Other indications carried out by Alexa are the activation of the dynamic power control and the programming of a charge, being able to start it in the off-peak periods, when the electricity tariff is cheaper.  It is the first and only e-Charger with connectivity to Amazon’s virtual assistant, obeying the user’s voice commands to control the charger. Simply say “Alexa, start charging my electric car” and the vehicle will start charging.

On the other hand, Trydan incorporates WiFi and Bluetooth, which makes it possible to connect the charger with the mobile phone, tablet or computer thanks to the multiplatform V2C Cloud application. This platform is capable of monitoring and optimizing each charge to the maximum, programming it at the desired time and consulting all the statistics in real time (time, cost, energy, power, etc.). In addition, V2C Cloud is the first platform in the sector that integrates an open API to allow its use by developers.

The triple connectivity culminates with the charging of the electric vehicle using solar energy. Trydan is able to establish a connection with the solar panels and use the photovoltaic energy to recharge the batteries of the electric vehicle.

In addition to the Tryconnection concept, there are two differentiating factors that make Trydan an exclusive charger. On the one hand, it features dynamic power control to ensure flexible and safe charging. This e-Charger integrates the exclusive feature of wireless energy balancing to avoid overload the grid. Innovation, functionality and total convenience in the charging experience.

The e-Charger has also the integration of the electrical protections within the charger itself stands out, providing advantages for both technical staff and the end customer. By dispensing with the need for a second electrical panel, it facilitates quick and economical installation, adding elegance to any space.  Trydan also incorporates the latest technology developed by V2C: the infinite impedance, an intelligent device capable of resetting the charger from the general automatic of the house in case of power outages.

V2C every day reaffirms its growth to become an engineering company focused on providing smart solutions in the field of e-mobility. https://.v2charge.com

eMove360° Europe, Messe Berlin, Hub 27, Stand: 411

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