Video: An Autonomous Multi-Robot System for Vehicle Extraction and Transportation

Accompanying video for the paper “AVERT: An Autonomous Multi-Robot System for Vehicle Extraction and Transportation” to be presented at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA2015), May 26-30, Seattle, Washington, USA.

In this video, a swarm of robots is able to extract vehicles from confined spaces with delicate handling, swiftly and in any direction. The novel lifting robots are capable of omnidirectional movement, thus they can under-ride the desired vehicle and dock to its wheels for a synchronized lifting and extraction. The overall developed system applies reasoning about available trajectory paths, wheel identification, local and undercarriage obstacle detection, in order to fully automate the process.

Authors: Angelos Amanatiadis, Christopher Henschel, Bernd Birkicht, Benjamin Andel, Konstantinos Charalampous, Ioannis Kostavelis, Richard May, and Antonios Gasteratos.

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