Volvo E-Truck: New patented Active Grip Control safety technology

The patented technology significantly improves driving stability, acceleration and braking on slippery surfaces. Thanks to the quick response of the electric motors, the power generated between the wheels and the road can be controlled at lightning speed to proactively prevent wheel spin. This function significantly improves acceleration on slippery surfaces. Tests conducted with the Volvo FH Electric on slippery surfaces and a loaded trailer showed an improvement of 45 percent at full acceleration.

“The improvement when driving on a slippery gravel road is really impressive. I am convinced that this will increase productivity, not least for our construction customers,” says Anna Wrige Berling, Traffic & Product Safety Director at Volvo Trucks.

If the truck skids, the vehicle’s safety system, thanks to multiple sensors, can react to road conditions and intelligently control the electric motors along with other components to help the driver stay on the road.

The new function also reduces the risk of the so-called jackknife effect when braking with trailers and oversteering in unladen vehicles.

“With Active Grip Control, we help our drivers when driving on the most demanding roads and off-road routes, even under the most difficult conditions. The Volvo Group has had this unique function patented,” explains Anna Wrige Berling.

The use of the wear-free brake (recuperation) is also improved by the system. The function for controlled deceleration of the vehicle can now also be used under hard braking without activating the ABS. Thus, the recuperation is used more effectively for both light and strong braking interventions. This increases the vehicle’s efficiency, range and driving comfort.

The Active Grip Control function will be available for the heavy-duty Volvo FH Electric, Volvo FM Electric and Volvo FMX Electric trucks used in regional freight transport and construction. A version of the system will also be available for trucks with diesel or LNG engines.

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24.03.2022   |  

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