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Webasto Range Plus: Auxiliary heating ensures warmth in e-vans

Despite new generations of batteries and battery management systems, heating the interior of electric vehicles when the outside temperature is cold shortens the range of a battery charge by up to 35 percent. In addition, depending on the area of ​​application of a van, the heat escapes again and again through frequent door openings, for example in the case of passenger transport or parcel services. In addition, the window surfaces allow vehicles to cool down quickly. The transport of temperature-sensitive goods also requires a reliably constant ambient temperature, which requires energy to heat the transport space.

Retrofitting the Range Plus system from Webasto – a fuel-operated Air Top 2000 STC air heater plus tank – significantly reduces the load on the vehicle’s current-operated heater. Additional thermal energy is introduced into the vehicle system so that the drive battery is available with its full capacity for the maximum range of the electric vehicle.

Pioneering solution for the eVito from Mercedes-Benz

“The first thing we decided on was a retrofit kit for a Mercedes-Benz eVito/EQV because it is used very frequently in Germany for the areas of application for which our heating solution is intended,” explains Uwe Trettin, Head of Application Development at Webasto. “Anyone who decides to buy an electric vehicle can benefit from this, but cannot or do not want to do without the safety and comfort of permanently reliable heat with a maximum range. This applies above all to so-called ‘minibuses’ for transporting patients, schoolchildren or airport and hotel guests, as well as vans that are also workplaces for parcel deliverers, traffic monitors or service technicians”.

Retrofitting made easy

With the newly developed system, the 1,000 certified Webasto partner workshops can implement the retrofit without further training. Installation takes about ten hours and costs around 3,200 euros including all parts. The tank holds eight liters of fuel, which is sufficient for a heating time of approx. 40 hours at full load, even longer depending on the weather, comfortable temperature and vehicle use. Further information: www.webasto-group.com

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