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Incar infotainment: rooftop cinema and long-range lidar

In the course of autonomous driving, in-vehicle entertainment is becoming increasingly important. Webasto is using the vehicle roof as a major area of innovation. Under the motto “Revolutionizing comfort and entertainment on the road”, Webasto, together with LG Display, is presenting a high-tech roof system with an integrated transparent screen and, together with Luminar, sensor integration in the vehicle roof.

Webasto and LG Display are taking in-vehicle entertainment to a new level with a new roof system. A transparent OLED screen from LG Display, which is integrated into the roof, transforms the vehicle into a private movie theater at the touch of a button. Webasto supplies the technology to lower the display from the roof liner in a delicate rotating movement, guided by two lateral articulated rails. The transparency of the switched-off display provides an unobstructed view of the sky or the lighting effects integrated into the panoramic roof.

Webasto elegantly integrates a long-range lidar from Luminar into its Roof Sensor Module (RSM) to ensure automated driving. Luminar is a global automotive technology company that develops lidar-based safety systems for passenger vehicles. It is the first company to enable the next generation of safety and autonomous features for production vehicles. At CES, Luminar will exhibit a long-range lidar that Webasto seamlessly integrates into a roof system. The elevated position is optimal for the lidar sensor’s performance and ensures reliable monitoring of the vehicle’s surroundings.

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